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Features of PVC Water Suction Hose

Jan. 06, 2021

Features of PVC Water Suction Hose:

Withstand relatively low pressure than straight suction hose but has smaller bending radius.

Smooth interior ensures an excellent flow rate of contents.

3. It is more economical and lighter than similar reinforced hoses

Temperature range:-5~65°C(23~149F). Actual service temp range is application dependent.

Features of PVC Water Suction Hose


Delivery and light suction of water

Conveyance of waste, light acids, slurry, chemicals,and other waste matter.

Delivery of saline water, light acids, alkaline and other chemicals except solvents

Suitable for the horticulture and marine industries, also used as portable water supply.

Ventilation and air condition.

Dust powder air suction in buildings, factories, mines etc.

Features of PVC Water Suction Hose

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