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High Quality Colorful PVC Air Hose

Jan. 06, 2021


100% virgin PVC materials, Non-toxic, Non smell.

High tensile polyester yarn. Good quality material make light weight,good flexibility, easy handling.

Soft and flexible. Anti abrasion, Anti-corrosion, Anti-aging


The PVC air hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, pneumatic washing apparatus, compressors, engine components, machine service and civil engineering equipment.


Being made of tough PVC materials and high tensile polyester reinforcement, PVC air hose can work under very high working pressure. It is light, flexible, durable, durable, anti-erosion, and explosion resistant.

Temperature: -10℃ to +65℃

The product performance is stable, the specifications are complete, the pressure, the color can be customized, and a large number of them are exported to India, Malaysia, the Middle East, South America and other countries.

High Quality Colorful PVC Air Hose

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