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Characteristics and Applications of PA and PU Air Hoses

Sep. 10, 2021

Air hoses are suitable for high-pressure, oil-resistant working environments and are mainly used in industry, construction, agriculture and other fields. Hoses are usually used to transport compressed air, automotive parts deposits and pneumatic tools (air), as well as water and non-corrosive liquids. When we choose, we should combine the cleanliness of the clean room and the nature of the transported gas to reasonably choose the right air hose.

Common features and uses of air tubing

Soft-walled compressed air hoses are beautiful, soft, and other characteristics. They can resist oxidation and aging, do not have strong hardness changes due to temperature changes, do not soften in summer, do not freeze hard in winter, and can prevent cracking. High temperature and oil resistant braided air hose has the characteristics of durability, long service life and high safety level. Here we introduce PA and PU two kinds of compressed air hose.

PA hose

PA air hose

Used to transport compressed air, water, oil, chemicals, etc. Such as nylon hose widely used in light trucks, automotive air brake hose, power steering hose; forklifts, loading care excavators, cranes, ships, construction machinery and control system lines.


PA hose has superior mechanical strength.

Excellent wear resistance, oil resistance, excellent cold resistance.

Nylon air hose with high accuracy of inner and outer diameter, suitable for various fittings.

High resistance to hydrocarbon oil and chemical products.

PU pneumatic hose

The basic function of pu pneumatic hose is to convey compressed air to actuators, valves, tools and other equipment. pu hose is processed by polyurethane, which has good elasticity and is suitable for large bending, temperature resistance, resistance to tubes and vibration.


High strength, excellent kink resistance.

Good flexibility, small bending radius, non-toxic and odorless.

Constant hardness and long service life.

Excellent anti-high pressure, anti-vibration, anti-corrosion, anti-wear and anti-bending properties.

PU hose

Notes on the use process

The diameter of compressed air piping is generally small. Compressed air piping network in the plant layout should try to use buildings, corridors and large pipes to weld up the brackets of compressed air piping, and minimize the number of ground brackets. There are more pipe specifications, and the appropriate pipe diameter is not reasonably configured at all levels as needed.

Compared with water, gas is more prone to leakage and infiltration. Therefore, all interfaces must be gas-tight. Choose suitable gaskets, the welding should be cleaned of iron oxide weld, and space should be left after tightening the flange bolts for further tightening. The tightness of each interface should be carefully checked during the test pressure, and no trace of gas leakage is allowed.

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