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Seven Benefits of PVC Hose

Jun. 24, 2021

We produce many PVC pipes and plastic hoses, including PVC Air Hose, reinforced PVC and clear PVC hoses for breweries, and reinforced PVC nitrile diesel hoses. In fact, PVC is one of the most versatile plastic materials in the world. Read on to learn more about its many other benefits.


PVC hose is resistant in several ways that enhance its reliability and durability. First, it is chemically resistant to a wide range of chemicals, resisting chemical corrosion and chemical stress cracking. It is also resistant to water, which is part of what makes it food safe and suitable for keeping solutions sterile. Second, PVC has excellent abrasion and corrosion resistance. It resists weathering, decay and impact, which means it is a tough and reliable choice for a variety of applications.


With its rubber-like flexibility, PVC hose remains reliably flexible, strong and durable, even in changing temperatures and conditions. It can even be used at temperatures as low as nearly -45°C while maintaining strength and flexibility.

PVC Air Hose

PVC Air Hose


If you work in an industry where you must be able to visually monitor the flow of contents through a pipe or hose, then PVC is an ideal solution. the physical properties of PVC allow it to be easily manufactured to be completely transparent. In addition, PVC has excellent flow characteristics, which reduces the risk of clogging.


Thanks to the many special formulations and various construction options available in the manufacture of PVC Hose, it is used in one of the most diverse applications of any plastic material. It is used in a variety of industries, from medical to industrial and chemical, including fluid transfer, chemical processing, air and gas supply, and engine fuel piping, among many other applications. Its versatility is also enhanced by its customizable nature. As a thermoplastic material, PVC can be molded into a variety of shapes, making it ideal for the manufacture of pipes and hoses. It can also be manufactured as completely transparent, tinted or even solid color, depending on the needs of your application.


As the most thoroughly researched and tested plastic in the world, PVC has proven to meet all international standards for health and safety used in products and applications. This makes it particularly useful in medical applications, food and beverage applications - its tastelessness and odorlessness are especially important for the latter.


As a non-toxic, inert polymer, PVC is a stable material. As a result, it does not undergo any significant changes in its composition or properties when it is used to transport various liquids, making it an extremely safe and reliable choice for most applications.

Low cost

PVC is the number one choice for many industries due to its excellent cost-performance advantage, which is further enhanced by its durability and low maintenance.

While PVC hose is clearly an excellent hose and pipe material for a wide range of uses, it is always worth checking to ensure that the correct pipe or hose is chosen for the job. If you have questions about what hose is right for your project, please contact our team and we'll be happy to help. We also have Suction Hose available, so feel free to call us if you need them.

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