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Why Do We Use Different PVC Pipes for Water Treatment

Dec. 15, 2021

Corrosion, leaks and fractures in old technology piping materials jeopardize our ability to provide clean water and convey wastewater to the drainage system. For most water and wastewater systems, sanitary PVC piping offers several advantages over traditional piping.


PVC hose offers advantages


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1. PVC does not rust or corrode

Once the pipe is underground, the characteristics of sanitary PVC pipe ensure a clean water supply and the transport of wastewater to the drain and into the sewer. Because PVC pipes do not rust and do not corrode, they will last almost a lifetime. 


2. Lower replacement and maintenance costs

Sanitary PVC pipes have a long life expectancy, which translates into lower replacement and maintenance costs. Sanitary PVC pipe that has been excavated and used for over 50 years shows no evidence of degradation and other harmful elements.

3. High Impact Strength

Due to its high impact strength and ability to withstand water hammer and internal hydrostatic pressure, sanitary PVC pipe is suitable for groundwater and wastewater applications.

4. Recyclable Materials

Overall, sanitary PVC flexible pipe has environmental advantages over conventional pipe. Most sanitary PVC pipe can be recycled multiple times, and some old and damaged pipe can still be turned into new pipe again.


Why Do We Use Different PVC Pipes for Water Treatment

PVC Steel Wire Hose


Different classifications of PVC hose

PVC meets all expectations for infrastructure needs because they are made of high quality materials and you can use them for a long time. We have listed some of the differences of this material and the different applications of this pipe.

For water mains

uPVC or unplasticized PVC is widely used in most construction industries because of its incredible advantages in chemical resistance. uPVC pipes and fittings have the advantage that they have smooth walls that allow water to flow easily. They offer excellent durability and strength, are resistant to UV exposure, and are lightweight and easy to handle. uPVC pipe and fittings are commonly used in sewer lines and outdoor drains.

Potable Water Systems

PVC blue pipes offer the unmatched properties of plastic. They resist fatigue, prevent crack expansion, and have a high impact resistance that is virtually unbreakable. And because of their high resistance to corrosion, PVC blue pipes are free from biofilm contamination, which can produce bacteria in the water that can affect our health. the quality of PVC blue pipes provides the benefit of safe drinking water, which is beneficial to public health.

Sanitary applications

PVC Orange pipe is one of the pipes that every building needs. PVC Orange pipes and fittings are widely used to transport water from potable and non-potable water. Most of the time, there are common concerns when it comes to waste water pipes, one of which is clogging. However, PVC Orange pipe has a smooth surface compared to metal, copper and clay/concrete pipes. It reduces resistance to water flow, allows water to flow freely, and allows for maximum water pressure.


Overall, PVC is used in many of the products we consumers encounter every day. They are cost effective and ideal for mechanical performance and flexible products. Need affordable, quality PVC piping and fittings for your next project? Talk to us today and we'll get you the quality products you need for your project.  


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