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Uses and Properties of PVC Hose In Industry

Jun. 10, 2021

PVC Hose has many uses and properties that make it a very popular material in all industries. It can be found in everything from agriculture to the water supply industry. Its main features are its high density, durability and cost effectiveness, making it a great choice for industrial hoses.

Uses and characteristics of PVC hose in industry - Suction hose

PVC is a thermoplastic, which means it becomes soft when heated. It becomes pliable when heated. It is made from a combination of chlorine from salt and carbon from petroleum or natural gas. PVC comes in two forms, flexible and rigid. It can be used for grommets and plug covers, as well as a variety of uses within the construction industry. This includes windows, and industrial hoses.

PVC Hose

PVC Hose

What uses and properties of PVC make it suitable for use in industrial hoses?

Due to its biological and chemical resistance and economic value, PVC materials are widely used as industrial hoses. As a PVC Hose Manufacturers for PVC lay-flat hoses, PVC reinforced hoses and PVC suction and delivery hoses, we are confident of their suitability for a range of industrial applications.

1. Durability

PVC has good resistance to weather, corrosion, abrasion and chemicals. This makes it ideal for a wide range of applications and can be used in industries such as agriculture, construction and water supply. In fact, PVC Construction states that "it is estimated that more than 75% of PVC pipes will have a service life of more than 40 years", indicating its longevity.

2. Flame-Resistant

PVC is flame resistant, which means that it can "slow the spread of fire". This is a very popular quality that adds to both the durability and safety nature of the product. It also sets it apart from other types of plastics, as this property can be attributed in large part to the large amount of chlorine in its structure.

3. Versatility

PVC has kink-resistant properties and its versatility makes it an ideal hose material. It is this property that makes it suitable for our fully collapsible lay-flat hoses for engineering, construction and irrigation applications.

4. Economical

Compared to other commodity plastics, PVC requires less non-renewable fossil fuel to manufacture, bringing its price down. Its durability also makes it very low-maintenance over the long term, which means you don't have to keep paying for replacements.

5. Recyclable

Not only does PVC have a life expectancy of up to 60 years, but it can also be recycled after use. There are two separate methods to recycle PVC; the mechanical method involves grinding the plastic before melting it into its next form, while the raw material method involves stripping it right down to its molecular form. These can then be used to make more polyvinyl chloride or other materials.

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