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What Are the Products and Uses of PVC Hoses?

May. 22, 2021

PVC hoses mainly have the following categories, and the scope of application.

1、PVC Fiber Reinforced Hose: home, farmland, garden, industry, construction, machinery supporting equipment, etc.

2、PVC plastic reinforced spiral hose: the main role is the negative pressure absorption, for agriculture, water conservancy projects on the discharge of water, oil, particles, powder, etc.

3、PVC oxygen acetylene pipe: suitable for welding and cutting equipment to transport oxygen and acetylene and other gases

4、PVC water belt pipe: suitable for transporting water and chemicals in machinery, construction and food industry

PVC Fiber Hose

PVC Fiber Hose

5、PVC fiber high-pressure pipe: suitable for conveying water, gas, oil, etc. in industry, agriculture, construction, etc.

6、PVC high pressure spray pipe: suitable for high pressure oil system, high pressure cleaning, spraying machinery for liquid conveying

7、PVC Steel Wire Hose: suitable for machinery, construction, food industry to convey water, chemicals, etc.

8、PVC gas pipe: divided into three kinds of low, medium and high pressure, respectively, suitable for home, restaurant, hotel and other gas conveying needs

9、PVC crochet pipe: important characteristic is high pressure and anti-distortion, suitable for longer distance watering and improve operation efficiency.

10、PVC high elasticity pipe: with excellent toughness and elasticity, widely used, high quality products, to meet the high quality of life crowd

11、PVC infiltration pipe: mainly used for water-saving irrigation, desert and other more water-scarce areas, its good environmental adaptability, able to cope with all kinds of weather without affecting the service life.

12、PVC micro-spray pipe: the main use is farm vegetables, flowers planting, covering a wide range, spraying gentle, more effective care for the growth of newly planted seedlings.

13、PVC medical hose: mainly used in the medical industry for the delivery of medicine and medical equipment equipment

15、PVC food hose: mainly used for drinking water conveying, caravan, beer, beverage, milk and other liquid conveying assembly

The above is the PVC Hose Manufacturers to everyone collated product categories, if you need, please feel free to contact us

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