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What Is Suction Hose and How Can It Be Used

Nov. 03, 2021

Suction hoses, sometimes called "hard suction hoses", are semi-rigid hoses, usually made of flexible PVC wrapped in a rigid PVC spiral. They operate under negative pressure, which means the suction hose draws water from an unpressurized (or static) water source.

Using suction hoses in a crisis situation requires transporting water from one place to another. There are two main examples. The first is in the case of a fire, because firefighters need to take a lot of water to put it out. The second is in the case of a flood, where a large amount of water needs to be extracted from a specific area as quickly as possible.

The suction hose needs to withstand the more extreme situations in which it is used. Its ridged exterior gives it flexibility and maintains the strength of its PVC composition. Its smooth bore (inside) allows for more effective suction. LUHONG shares with you.


What Is Suction Hose and How Can It Be Used

PVC Suction Hose


Fire departments use suction hoses as a way to get water from unpressurized sources, such as portable tanks or pools. Suction hoses are also used in rural areas to draw water from a lake or pond into a pump. They allow firefighters to use water from a variety of sources without having to rely on finding a hydrant to pressurize the water.


Suction hoses are rigid, relatively short (about 10 feet or 3 meters), and cannot withstand pressurized water. Therefore, they are not used for fire suppression per se. They are used to extract water from which the attack hose extinguishes the fire.


Suction hoses are used as attachments to pumps for water injection. The motor in the pump creates a vacuum that pulls the water onto the hose. Hard suction hoses are strong and durable and can withstand large amounts of water if they are well maintained. For example, suction hose filters prevent loose debris from entering and damaging the hose.


Other Applications: PVC suction hoses are commonly used as suction and delivery pipes. They are particularly suitable for pumping solids such as dust and fibers, gas and liquid media, industrial dust extraction and suction equipment, hoses for air conditioning and ventilation systems, as wear protection. Tubes.

Properties: smooth interior, resistant to alkali metals, acid, good chemical resistance, UV resistance, good ozone resistance, small bending radius, no gas and liquid leaks.

Structure: tube wall covered with rigid plastic spiral, smooth inner wall of the tube.

Raw material: tube wall: soft PVC, spiral: rigid PVC.

Colors: customizable in various colors.


What Is Suction Hose and How Can It Be Used

PVC Grit Reinforced Suction Hose


Suction hoses are an integral part of mitigating various crisis situations. We offer a range of PVC suction hoses for ordering and delivery. Whether you need a small emergency pump or a large quantity for your business, we can customize our hoses to meet your needs.


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