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Which Type of Pipe Is Popular for Water Supply Lines?

Sep. 25, 2021

There are a selection of various water lines used to move drinking water around residences and office complex. In farming and also farming, hose pipes are very important to assist with important tasks such as watering or supplying water to pets. Which type of water line is the most trustworthy and also effective as well as which one should you make use of for your following plumbing job? In this blog post LUHONG will certainly check out some of the materials made use of in the manufacture of water system pipes.


PVC (or polyvinyl chloride) is a preferred product for making supply pipes as it is readily available in a variety of different uses and in different colours (so traders can identify what the pipeline is lugging at a glance), along with in a selection of different thicknesses.

It can be used WRC (Water Research Council) authorized for potable water as well as this is prominent in the campers and also aquatic industries because of its versatility.

The drawback of PVC piping is that it has a maximum service temperature level of 70 degrees Celsius as well as can therefore just be used for cold water materials.

PVC Steel Wire Hose


CPVC (or chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) can endure temperature levels of approximately 82 ° C, so a vital benefit of CPVC supply pipes over PVC is that they can lug both hot and cold water.

The negative aspect of CPVC is that it becomes brittle with time, which boosts the danger of leak, particularly in the case of large changes in climatic temperature level.


Also at heats, copper pipes do not flex or twist, so they can bring both cool and also hot water. Copper pipelines are also pliable, which indicates they can be curved and also shaped to suit a variety of different structure frameworks.

The disadvantages of copper pipelines are that they need to be soldered together or held together with nuts as well as olives as well as are costly; they are frequently targeted by burglars.

Galvanized steel

Galvanised steel pipelines are constructed from steel and zinc. The zinc coating works as a sacrificial steel, stopping water from wearing away the steel, although the pipeline will ultimately corrosion over time.

Galvanized steel pipes were the only type of pipeline offered many years ago as well as are commonly located in older buildings, however less expensive, extra long lasting options are currently available as well as they are not as prominent as they once were. These are not accepted for potable water usage.

PVC Suction Hose

How to choose

Which sort of pipeline is most ideal for water supply lines?

As revealed over, the various kinds of water system pipelines have their own benefits and also drawbacks. To identify the kind of pipes that finest fits your needs, you will require to take into consideration the following elements.

Budget - just how much money do you need to invest?

Timetable - how much time will you require to finish the work?

The temperature of the water the pipelines will bring - some pipelines can not be utilized to bring hot water.

Where the pipeline will be mounted - some pipes can be harmed in severe weather.

If you have make up your mind, please contact us now, we also offer FRP pipes and other materials.

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