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  • Corrugated Rubber Hose

  • Corrugated Rubber Hose

  • Corrugated Rubber Hose

  • Corrugated Rubber Hose

Corrugated Rubber Hose

Product Description

Corrugated Rubber Hose

Corrugated rubber hose is a flexible hose, which is a suction hose. It is mainly used for suction and transmission purposes.

Corrugated suction hose specifictions

Plastic Corrugated Conduit

Material: PA/PE/PP

Size: Various

Color: Black Grey, Can be customized

Working temperature: -40-120 degree

Features of corrugated flexible hose

  • Good flexibility

  • anti-distortion

  • chemical corrosion resistance

  • Excellent bending radius

  • Impact and pressure resistance

  • Corrugated rigid spiral helix reinforcement

  • Smooth internal structure with unrestricted material flow

  • Economical, flexible, lightweight and easy to transport

Corrugated flexible hose application

Electrical wire protection corrugated flexible conduit. Corrugated suction rubber hose is designed for conventional water supply and drainage, used for conveying various powder particles and liquids, widely used in civil construction, agriculture, mining, construction, shipbuilding and fishing.

Corrugated Rubber Hose

Corrugated Hose PipeCorrugated Rubber Hosecorrugated plastic hosecorrugated flexible hose

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