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Product Description

Product Description

Whether you are watering your lawn or garden or filling a pool, meet your watering & irrigation needs with a reliable garden hose. We carry a huge variety of water hoses and soaker hoses including all the accessories you need like lawn and garden hose reels, carts, lawn sprinklers, garden hose fittings, garden hose connectors, holders and stands. Coming in a variety of types, lengths, inside diameter, materials and colors, our product selection meets your watering needs.

The PVC garden hose is sure to become an essential staple during your lawn care, yard work, landscaping, cleaning and gardening chores.

The best garden hose is constructed from flexible PVC and is light weight enough for easy handling. When the hose is not in use, it conveniently coils up for simple and space-saving storage despite its length.

The water hose is sturdy enough to withstand the rigors of being used on rough terrain, while flexible enough for easy navigation around any obstacles that exist on your yard or lawn.

By adding connector, spray gun and beautiful card packing, it looks more beautiful and convenient to use.

PVC Garden Hose

PVC Garden Hose Construction:

Tube and Cover: PVC

Reinforcement: high tensile polyester fibre.

PVC Garden Hose

PVC Garden Hose Application:

Being widely used for garden watering and car washing,household cleaning, in the parks, community, factories and families.

PVC Garden Hose Characteristic:

●high pressure resistance, no leakage

●Anti-abrasion, Anti- UV, long working life

●Non toxic, Without odor

●Lightweight and flexible, easy to coil

PVC Garden Hose Temperature: -10℃(-50℉) to 65℃(+150℉)

Part No.SizeI.DO.DW.P.B. P.LengthWeightVolume
HJS4121/2"121682410011.6 0.048 
HJS41221/2"1217103010014.8 0.048 
HJS4155/8"1519615507.2 0.029 
HJS4165/8"1620618507.5 0.031 
HJS4163/4"1923412508.8 0.045 
HJS4173/4"19245155011.0 0.045
HJS4181"25304125014.0 0.085


PVC Garden Hose

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