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  • Silicone Duct Hose

  • Silicone Duct Hose

  • Silicone Duct Hose

  • Silicone Duct Hose

  • Silicone Duct Hose

Silicone Duct Hose

Product Description

Silicone Duct Hoses

Silicone duct hoses are made of fiberglass combined with silicone and reinforced with spring steel wire spirals and external fiberglass filament threads for a highly chemical and heat resistant hose. High temperature resistant silicone duct hoses are well suited for a variety of ducting applications involving high temperature air and smoke transfer. We at Hongjiang offer a wide range of silicone hoses to meet the needs of high temperature applications. Our silicone air ducting products have an excellent temperature range, with silicone flexible ducting hose of operating in temperatures as low as -65 degrees Fahrenheit and as high as 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

Silicone Duct HoseSilicone Duct Hoses

Specification and size

1 diameter:19mm-250mm

2 wall thickness:1.0mm

3 W.P: -70- +300℃

4 steel wire: 1.2mm-2.3mm

Specification and size

Silicone coated duct hose features

1. Covered with silica gel glass fiber, supported by spiral steel wire inside, cured once after 300 degrees of high temperature.

2. Maximum voltage 5000PA.

3. Standard diameter, smooth inner wall, small wind resistance, light weight, smooth bending, strong elasticity and flexibility, uv resistance, strong corrosion resistance, wear resistance, environmental protection, non-toxic, flame retardant, very smooth surface, no stains, no wrinkles, no rough and uneven points, elastic steel wire and glass fiber thread pitch match, even winding.

4. Excellent heat resistance

5. Leak-proof

6. Highly flexible

7. Small bending radius

8. Anti-kink

9. Longer life than EPDM (black rubber)

Silicone coated duct hose warehouse

Flexible silicone ducting hose application

For use in cold-hot cycle transmission systems such as particle dryers, printing machines, heat fans and compressors for the plastics industry, as well as exhaust emissions, car engine heating, train hot air circulation systems, aviation equipment and military equipment.

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silicone ducting hose application

Silicone Duct HoseSilicone Duct HosesSilicone Coated Duct Hose

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