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PVC Hose

PVC hose (sanitary plastic hose, plastic hose, plastic corrugated hose, food grade hose, sanitary hose, imported pipe) is widely used in water supply piping system and gas transmission piping system. We are one of the best PVC hose manufacturers.

What are the characteristics of PVC hose?

1. Flexible between pitches.

2. Good stretchability, no blockage and stiffness.

3. Light weight and good consistency of caliber.

4. Good flexibility, repetitive bending and flexibility.

5. Good corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.

6. Good anti-rodent bite and abrasion resistance to prevent the internal wires from being worn.

7. bending resistance, tensile properties, resistance to side pressure.

8. oft and smooth, easy to threading installation positioning.

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PVC hose classification and scope of application

1.PVC fiber reinforced hose: home, farmland, garden, industry, construction, mechanical supporting equipment, etc.

2.PVC water belt hose: suitable for machinery, construction, food industry to transport water, chemicals, etc.

3.PVC fiber high-pressure hose: suitable for industrial, agricultural, construction and other industries to transport water, gas, oil, etc.

4.PVC high-pressure spray pipe: suitable for high-pressure oil circuit system, high-pressure cleaning, spraying machinery for liquid conveying

5.PVC steel wire pipe: suitable for machinery, construction, food industry conveying water, chemicals, etc.

6.PVC gas pipe: divided into low, medium and high pressure, respectively, suitable for home, restaurant, hotel and other gas conveying needs

7.PVC high elasticity pipe: with excellent toughness and elasticity, widely used, high quality products, to meet the high quality of life of the crowd

8.PVC infiltration hose: mainly used for water-saving irrigation, desert and other more water-scarce areas, its good environmental adaptability, can cope with all kinds of weather without affecting the service life.

9.PVC medical hose: mainly used in the medical industry for the delivery of medicine and water and medical equipment equipment

10.PVC food hose: mainly used for drinking water conveying, caravan, beer, beverage, milk and other liquid conveying assembly.

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