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How Can I Have A No Kink Hose

Aug. 12, 2021

Why hoses kink

Kinking hoses are annoying, especially when you're scrambling to try to finish watering. Sometimes a good jerk can loosen the hose, but more often than not, you have to go back, find the kink, straighten it out and start over.

Hoses usually kink because they've been coiled or tangled up. Rigid hoses are also more likely to kink if they are old. Kinks can cause cracks and leaks and block water flow, and sometimes cause the hose to blow away from the faucet fitting.

how to keep hose from kinking

Use rubber hoses

Rubber hoses are less likely to kink because they have no memory in the material. If you have to choose between rubber or vinyl hoses, we highly recommend using rubber hoses because they are stronger, more durable and less likely to tighten, which will help avoid kinks. Flexzilla garden hose is a good rubber garden hose that is easy to use without kinks, kinks or splits.

rubber hose

Keep hose straight in storage

Using a tight hose reel will only lead to more kinks. When the hose is constantly and repeatedly coiled, it begins to lose its elasticity and shape over time, making it more likely to snag and kink when in use.

Put the hose in a safe place

When you're not using the hose, you want to run it along the edge of a path or house so the mower doesn't run over it or people step on it regularly. If you don't have enough space, store the hose properly.

Do not turn off the water too early

If you use a large hose loop reel or reel system, you want to keep the water flowing until the hose is fully reeled. Because once the water stops flowing, when you start to reel, the hose has lost all tightening pressure and will start to snag and kink. Therefore, keep the hose running because the water pressure will prevent it from kinking.

Use expandable garden hoses

Expandable hoses are less likely to kink than rubber or vinyl hoses because of the material they are made of and their ability to expand when used. Flat hoses are also a good choice if you want a completely kink-free hose. These types of hoses have become increasingly popular in the past few years.

PVC flat hose

Use a large looped reel

If you want the main unit out of sight, look for systems that store the hose in a large loop, such as a wall-mounted holder near a faucet. This will prevent the hose from being tightened into unwanted coils and will help maintain its shape over time. 


How to Eliminate kinks

If your hose is kinked, you can leave it in the sun under water pressure for several hours. The heat and pressure will cause the hose to expand and help it lose its memory of the kink. Be sure to put the hose away after use to avoid any unnecessary damage that could cause kinks.


A no kink garden hose is perfect. Follow the steps to maintain it. Come to LUHONG to get more about hoses, we will be glad to have your quotation and wholesale volume.

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