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Double-sided nitrile rubber fire hose

Jan. 06, 2021

❈Using high-quality polyester weaving by circular loom, the inside and outside are composed of high-quality alloy nitrile rubber coating. It has excellent oil resistance, and the outer layer has reinforced wear-resistant ribs, which has super wear resistance, corrosion resistance, ozone resistance, and UV resistance.

❈ Easy to clean and can be repaired. It can be used to transport water, steam, fuel oil, gas, chemical raw materials, powder, concrete, etc.

❈ Operating temperature: minus 30 degrees to 120 degrees, special requirements can be customized

❈The product has strong adhesion, good finish and various colors. Product color: mainly iron red, red, yellow, green, blue, gray, black, other colors can be customized

❈ Service life: 8 years indoors, 5 years outdoor

❈Packaging and storage:

Packing method: carton

Storage: Store in a ventilated and dry warehouse

Double-sided nitrile rubber fire hose

Nitrile Rubber Fire Hose

Part No.sizeInner DiameterWall ThicknessWorking PressureBurst PressureLengthWeight
HJSN381 1/2"38.0+
HJSN652 1/2"65.0+
HJSN1024"102 +2.52.52/20601
HJSN1506"150 +3.031.5/15501.5
HJSN2048"204 +

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