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PVC Material Common Hose and Its Characteristics

Jan. 05, 2022

Hebei Hongjiang is a professional manufacturer of industrial hoses. We engage in the middle and high-end market because we only supply high quality products. By now we have established stable trade relations with more than forty countries and districts. In this article we'll show you some kinds of pvc hoses and ther characteristics.

PVC layflat hose

Layflat hoses are often used as fire hoses to carry fire retardant liquids such as high pressure water or foam, and are very common water supply equipment in firefighting.
Traditional fire hoses are lined with rubber and covered with linen fabric, while advanced fire hoses are made of polymeric materials such as polyurethane and have metal connectors at both ends that can be attached to another hose to extend the distance or to a nozzle to increase the liquid injection pressure.
The layflat hose should be connected to the casing with a layer of soft protection and then fastened with galvanized wire or hose clamp. To prevent the direct effect of flame and radiant heat, remember not to let the water belt contact with hot objects. The water belt should not be in contact with corrosive substances such as oil, acid and alkali.


PVC Material Common Hose and Its Characteristics

Canvas Fire LayFat Hose


PVC steel wire hose

PVC steel wire hose is a kind of PVC hose with spiral steel wire as the reinforcement layer. It has good compressive strength and hardness performance.There are many kinds of PVC steel wire hose. The most common one in the market is common steel wire hose.
PVC steel wire hose is made of high quality PVC material with embedded hard spiral steel wire skeleton. Smooth inner and outer wall, small bending radius, light material, transparent pipe, excellent weather resistance and negative pressure resistance. The hose contains anti-aging and anti-UV raw materials, with good anti-aging performance. The tube wall is made of flame-retardant PVC material, which is resistant to mechanical stress, acid and alkali, and most chemicals.
PVC steel wire hoses are suitable for industrial, agricultural and water conservancy, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Civil engineering can convey gas, welding fume, dust (medium abrasion resistance), vacuum powder, particles, convey water, oil, etc. It is a high quality alternative to rubber hoses and metal hoses.


PVC Material Common Hose and Its Characteristics

PVC Steel Wire Hose


PVC transparent hose

The quality of PVC transparent fiber hose is very important. Many quality problems are caused in the production process. Problems such as aging resistance and service life are caused by improper production quality control. In addition, PVC hoses produced by different manufacturers differ greatly in quality, thickness, transparency, specifications, models, etc. Therefore, the wholesale price of PVC transparent fiber hose varies.
The storage period of pvc transparent fiber hose should be as short as possible. Stock product turnover must comply with the "first in first out" rule. If long-term storage, the product should be tested for performance before using this PVC hose. Wherever possible, pvc clear fiber hose should be stored at temperatures between 0°C and 35°C, preferably at around 15°C.

PVC Material Common Hose and Its Characteristics

PVC Clear Hose


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