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Use PVC Fiber Hose In Right Place

Jul. 16, 2021

We use hoses in our daily life to transport water and gas, not only tap water but also waste water; we use hoses under the ground to transport water and gas. But are they the same thing? Let's think.

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How is a PVC fiber hose made

PVC hose, which is a kind of polymer material, uses a chlorine atom instead of a hydrogen atom in polyethylene. And when talking about chlorine, we know its symbol in the periodic table is ''Cl''. So PVC hoses which have been used for a long time will precipitate chloride ions, it is not suitable for self-drawn water hoses.


Where can we use it

Because chlorine is toxic to the human body, PVC is not normally used to package food or transport drinking water. Especially not hot food. And its poor impact resistance is not suitable for gas hoselines. But it can be used in drainage hoses and rainwater hoses. If you want to water your garden vegetables, use a PVC gadern hose as well, as the price of PVC fiber hose is low, the hardness is high, and the temperature is affected by the heat rise and the cold shrink.

Compared with PE Hoses

PE hoses and PVC hoses are mainly different in use and performance, PE hose is safe and non-toxic, and its flexibility and impact resistance are better than PVC. It can be used as underground gas hoseline and water hoseline.

The strength of PVC is better than that of PE, and the impact resistance of PE is better than that of PVC. PE can be used at minus 20 degrees Celsius, and the internal fluid does not freeze and keeps flowing.

PE pipe can be connected by hot melt, safe and reliable connection, high strength; PVC pipe is bonded by adhesive or elastic sealing ring, which is convenient and quick.

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Besides pvc fiber hoses, we also have pvc garden hose, pvc gas hose and so on. For more information, check HongJiang.

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